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King Display is one of the leading brand in boutique storage shelf industry, we ,the proud brand  belong to Shenzhen KING DISPLAY Commercial Equipment Co.LTD . So far, our service has been covered over 1000 chin cooperation in global market , totally more than 80000 stores . We have set up 13 agencies , provided door to door measure in 12 hours for free , graphic design program is available at 24 hours for free. Operating supplies will be produced in one week. once arrival , we can promise to finish door to door installation in 24 hours.


Drugstore shelves, supermarket shelves, convenience store shelves, maternal and infant store shelves, stationery store shelves.


  • Our advantage
  • Independent R & D design and production
  • A wealth of design experience Pharmacies
  • Excellent R & D team
  • Can open the VAT invoice
  • Our honor
  • 10 years of brand reputation
  • Testing authority
  • Dorian international standards
  • Our support
  • Site design support
  • Customized product supports
  • A large number of customer support
  • Business Support

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  • Service hotline: 400-686-0004
  • Service time:From Monday to Friday9:00~17:30

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