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Product details

Sanjiu Pharmaceutical Cashier

Professional design exquisite and durable

  • brand:King Display
  • Scope of application:Pharmacy, pharmacy, drug store, chain pharmacy
  • Single and double face:checkout counter
  • The product description:

Service guarantee

After-sales service

Total free : 400-686-0004

tax: 0755-82685399

Contact us : 0755-82680668

ADD: 4 building 2floor HongSheng Industry Bao’an Road Bao’an District Shen Zhen City

Working steps:

(1) visit the customers , then asking for the information about they use our product

(2) collect the information what the customer have feedback , while accept the customers advice complain

(3)together the advice and complain, give response immediately, arriving at the scene and finding out the fact , after that , fill the project quality issues record sheet .

(4)record the kinds of problem/where is wrong/why, followed with the solution.

(5)according the cautions solve the problem, if possible, it is necessary to together with designer.

(6)for the simple one, like refinishing coating , repair it directly.

(7)if tough one, you need making the detailed repair plan, then prepared by the after-sale to arrange maintenance work .

(8)firstly, provided the maintenance scheme design drawing by the designing center. secondly , purchased the material by the purchasing department . Thirdly, manufactured by the product department . Finally, quality testing department need to be examined the material maintenance and the processing.

(9)when the maintenance material arrived in , the project manager start to arrange the installation workers repairing .

(10) Engineering project director directly guide the workers according to maintenance plan, and control the maintenance quality.

(11) lastly, handed over to the customer to check while sign the acceptance certificate. See the acceptance certificate by the meter adjustable center back to after-sale service department archive.

About shipping



2-3days ( In Guang Dong) 3%( In Guang Dong)

5-7days ( expect for Guang Dong) 5-7%( expect for Guang Dong)

6-8days(only north-East and north-west)7-12% (only north-East and north-west)

DeBang special line


1-2days ( In Guang Dong) 5%( In Guang Dong)

4-6days ( expect for Guang Dong) 8-12%( expect for Guang Dong)

6-8days(only north-East and north-west) 12-15% (only north-East and north-west)

Air way


1day ( expect for Guang Dong) 50-100 % (expect for Guang Dong)

2 days(only north-East and north-west) 100-300% (only north-East and north-west)

  • Our advantage
  • Independent R & D design and production
  • A wealth of design experience Pharmacies
  • Excellent R & D team
  • Can open the VAT invoice
  • Our honor
  • 10 years of brand reputation
  • Testing authority
  • Dorian international standards
  • Our support
  • Site design support
  • Customized product supports
  • A large number of customer support
  • Business Support

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  • Service time:From Monday to Friday9:00~17:30

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